You want the brilliance of your writing to be the ONLY thing the reader is focused on. Be sure it's not overshadowed by typos.

I offer professional, cost effective and timely proofreading services for screenplays, television pilots, web series, show bibles and manuscripts.

I want you to feel confident that you're sending an error-free script to that agent, manager, publisher or festival.



$1.50/page - includes basic proofing *

$2.00/page - includes script notes (1 typed page re: overall structure/tone/story) and basic proofing **

$2.50/page - for overnight rush proofing (turnaround 24 hrs)

*proofing requires a three day turn around

** script notes with proofing require a four day turn around

Email me for additional information or to request service...



Suzanne is, in a word, fantastic. She can take your script from shabby rough draft to polished and deliverable in no time. Not only can she clean up the misspelled and grammatically incorrect, but her passion for structure allows her to shine a light on places in your script that need smoothing out. Well worth every penny.
— Alex Albrecht
Fast, precise and perfect. Suzanne Keilly turned my messy and mushy formatting into deliverable goods!
— Ted Raimi
Suzanne has a keen eye for detail and is an extremely thorough and intelligent reader. Her writing background gives her an intelligence about story and structure that allows her proofreading service to go beyond just grammar and spelling if needed - she can actually help make your story better.
— Jimmy Miller